A good coach will listen between the lines, picking up nuance, shadings, feelings — helping you connect heart and head.

Meet Saskia, The Keynote Coach
  • "An average speech informs, 
    a Stellar Speech resonates" -Saskia

  • "Be yourself, Everyone else is taken" -Oscar Wilde

  • "He who knows others is learned; he who knows himself is wise" -Lao Tzu

  • "All speech begins with Intention" -Saskia


  • Spoken at various TEDx venues

  • Served in the White House

  • Testified before Congress

  • Written Broadway Plays

  • Served as Expert Witnesses in major Litigation

  • Held chairs at Prominent Universities

  • Managed Prestigious Law Firms



"Your book is utterly fantastic. It is not often that I come across a nonfiction 'how to' book that is beautifully constructed with well-written, pithy sentences. I am really impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me as far as books go. I think you have a real winner here!" 
Elizabeth Lesser, author of "Broken Open" and co-founder of the Omega Institute

"Even if you already think you are an inspired speaker, you’ll be delighted to read this concise explanation as to why, and pleased to recognize the connection Saskia makes between speaking well and living in a way that’s authentic, engaged and vibrant."
Sylvia Boorstein, author: "Happiness is an Inside Job Practicing for a Happy Life"

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How you can find love at the podium.

Love from your audience. Love of public speaking. And love of your best self.

Saskia Shakin's insightful release, More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers, is for you — if you've ever dreaded getting up in public — if you'd rather dig ditches than stand in front of a group. And especially, if you are finally ready to turn your fear into your forte.

More Than Words Can Say is unlike any other book on public speaking. It dwells less on the mechanics of speaking and more on how you dwell within yourself.

Here you will find how to inspire yourself and become inspiring to others. You will learn how to access your own charisma and how to find your voice so that your message comes across as unique as you are.


The Power of Words

Every speaker wants to step on stage and feel powerful. So where does that power come from?

What makes one speaker riveting and another a crashing bore?

Why can some speakers hold an audience enraptured and others engender clock-watching?

Answers to these come from within, not from techniques or tips from me or any book. Riveting speakers play to their strengths and touch the audience in their hearts.

A good coach will help you connect emotions with thoughts, helping you hear what you're saying the way the audience will, not just the way you hear it in your head.
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Saskia Shakin, The Keynote Speaker