Who Should Read “More Than Words Can Say?”

YOU should read it. Even if you don’t consider yourself a public speaker, you need this book. The fact is that everyone --- from homemaker to lawmaker, from leader to leading lady, from talking head to corporate head --- will at one time or another have to stand up and be heard.

And even if you are a seasoned speaker, the message of More Than Words Can Say will help you soar.

This book will convince you that you have what it takes . . . that the answers are  within you . . . that your job is one of discovery rather than mastery.

When you discover your voice, your vision will become clear. And when sharing a vision, you shine. Your own light is far brighter than any spotlight could be.

An Awakened Speaker Means the Audience Stays Awake

The premise of More Than Words Can Say is simple: Before you work on a talk, you must work on yourself.

Audiences tend to sleep not because you are boring them: they sleep when you are boring yourself !

How do they know? They know because they feel disconnected, which derives from you being disconnected. This book explains that when you are engaged, so are they. When you are authentic, sharing what you know best, when you are having fun in the telling of your story, then they stay with you.

How to Make the Podium Feel Like Home

By being at home within yourself, you invite others in. Then it matters not whether you’re in your living room or in a conference room. You become a magnet.  Being magnetic is what public speaking is all about.

We think it is about being perfect. Not so ! It is about being human . . . so that other humans will not be intimated by us but be able to relate to us. We all know from experience that people who show interest in us seem interesting themselves. We never look up to someone who talks down to us.

Discover The Secrets to Public Speaking

In More Than Words Can Say, you’ll rediscover the two central secrets to public speaking: secrets that you may already know, but that you need to remember. They will make you at home wherever you are. And they will have your audience wanting to spend time in your home.

Using stories and anecdotes, Saskia illustrates how to capture your audience . . . why listening is as important as speaking . . . and why your gut is as important as your head in communicating.

How to Strip at the Podium

. . . Not your clothes but your masks. Drop all artifice; reveal your naked truth. When you strip away your armor, you reveal your light. And your light is far more inspiring, more persuasive, than anything you might say.

You may think your masks will protect you. They will, in fact, obscure you. More Than Words Can Say will help shine the spotlight on the most charismatic you. When you strip away falseness, your truth will lead you to your voice. And once you’ve found your voice, you won’t fear your audience, you’ll know how to seduce them!

If You Can Speak to One, You can Speak to 100!

This book will help you understand that ALL speaking is public speaking.  It is your perception that needs to change, not necessarily your speech. More Than Words Can Say examines the origins of performance anxiety from a spiritual angle and offers a sure-fire way to overcome your fear.

About “More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers”

How to Find Love at the Podium

   . . . love from your audience . . .

   . . . love of sharing your story . . .

How to Find Confidence at the Podium

We all feel confident when we’re enjoying ourselves.

It is only when our doubts get the upper hand that our confidence wanes.

More Than Words Can Say explains why joy trumps fear, why joy enables confidence. Finding your joy . . . unearthing your passion will not only be meaningful activities for you. They will be a gift to your audience. And your audience will return the gift with interest  --- because when you relax, so do they; when you’re having fun, they are too.

This book will help you unearth the pleasures of speaking. You will gain confidence not because you have practiced it, but because you have claimed it.

Saskia Shakin's new release, More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers is for you ---

if you’ve ever dreaded getting up in public --- if you’d rather dig ditches than stand in front of a group;

and especially if you are finally ready to turn your fear into your forte !

This book is unlike any other on public speaking. It is a cogent explanation of why, “If you can speak to one, you can speak to 100.”  

Here you will find how to inspire yourself and become inspiring to others. You will learn how to access your own charisma and how to find your voice so that your message comes across as uniquely as you do.