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Your voice lives within . . .  you can discover it . . .  I can help



Saskia’s clients  have . . .

Served in the White House

Testified before Congress

Written Broadway plays

Led global corporations

Served as Expert Witnesses in major litigation

Held chairs at prominent universities

Managed prestigious law firms

Her lessons include:

Truth is Power

It is more important to find your voice than to find your words

A good speaker must also be a good listener

Be yourself: everyone else is taken!

What  people are saying . . .

“Your book is utterly fantastic.

It is not often that I come across a nonfiction ‘how to’ book that is beautifully constructed with well-written, pithy sentences. I am really impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me as far as books go. I think you have a real winner here!”

--Elizabeth Lesser, author of

Broken Open & co-founder of

The Omega Institute


“Even if you already think you are an inspired speaker, you’ll be delighted to read this concise explanation as to why, and pleased to recognize the connection Saskia makes between speaking well and living in a way that’s authentic, engaged and vibrant.”

--Sylvia Boorstein, author,

Happiness is an Inside Job:

Practicing for a Happy Life